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The police continue to enter the fray to stop the bloodshed caused by Bangkok's deadly school gangs.

In a shopping haven in Bangkok, one of Thailand’s deadliest school rivalries

Changi prison file

Exclusive Access

Seng Choon Farm produces 600,000 eggs daily from its 850,000 hens.

Inside the high-tech operations of Singapore’s largest egg farm

Seng Choon Farm has turned to automation in a big way, and CNA Insider gets an exclusive inside look at a few things ...

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How HDB lifts are maintained
Media playtime

How HDB lifts are maintained

A friend in death
Media playtime

A friend in death

Risky jobs: The lift fixer
Media playtime

Risky jobs: The lift fixer

Inside the hospital mortuary
Media playtime

Inside the hospital mortuary

Russia's cash-strapped forest service struggles to cover vast expanses where wildfires occur

The Investigative Trail

Scammers busted, in a raid by Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Phone scammers exposed: A web of deceit across the region

From a Chinese county where scammers have found a home to a millionaire mastermind in Taiwan to newer operations in places ...

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111 trees for 1 baby girl
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111 trees for 1 baby girl

Cambodia's love affair with China has meant sizeable investments for the Southeast Asian country.

China's chequebook diplomacy in Cambodia a double-edged sword creating resentment

Changi technology avatar

How Changi Prison is taking to video analytics and facial recognition in a big way

Lightning kills thousands of Indians every year, most of them farmers working the fields

Inside the Storm

Japan Airlines' saviour was 77-year-old retiree and ordained Buddhist monk Kazuo Inamori.

How a Buddhist monk turned CEO revived Japan Airlines from bankruptcy

When JAL was state-owned, it had picked up some bad habits. After privatisation, it lacked the instinct for survival. Inside ...

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ITS Haier GE main

How a Chinese fridge factory prevailed over General Electric, once the world’s best firm

Over-expansion was the start of Starbucks' woes.

How Starbucks’ growth nearly destroyed the business, until one man saved its skin

(dn) ITS Uber Grab main

How Uber, valued at billions, was sent packing by a start-up in Singapore

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is seen over the sky near the village of Pallas (Muonio regio


MIS Folks Kevin Chiam 4

The challenges entrepreneurs face in Singapore, and what it takes to succeed

Is Singapore a good place for inventors? What rejections should they be prepared for in running a start-up? Their struggles ...

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Mr Kevin Chiam's special set of kitchenware, called Folks, has helped his friend Rosie Wong.

Young designer invents kitchenware for the blind, but struggles to bring it to market

From breastfeeding mum to inventor
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From breastfeeding mum to inventor

(dn) ITS Uber Grab main

How Uber, valued at billions, was sent packing by a start-up in Singapore

(ry) siglap flowers gradient

Stories of Survivors

IMH artist Kah Lim main

A dream unfolds for artist living in IMH, with a special exhibition and meeting

As a child, he learned painting from eminent artists like Choo Keng Kwang. After 40 years, Sim Kah Lim gets to see his idol ...

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OTRD new zealand 5

Left half-paralysed in a holiday crash, she walks at her wedding three years on

TP dementia 12

He’s 48, and already grappling with dementia

dp schizophrenia 5

'Mummy, help me find my soul': Learning to be a mum again, to help fix her child's broken mind

OTRD johor hiker 8

'I knew my life was in danger': Singaporean hiker lost on Johor mountain

fresh start teaser

Home, truly, after 8 years: A divorced mum's search for housing security

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Japan has announced plans to ease immigration restrictions and bring in more foreign workers to

Facing Ageing

(dn) #dontforgetme St John’s Home for Elderly Persons main

8 seniors on a social media mission to build a S$15 million home

Almost all of them had never used a smartphone, but within weeks, these elderly residents of St John's Home learnt to shoot a ...

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(dn) Mummy Soh Airbnb main

The house that gave Mummy Soh, 75, new lease of life as an entrepreneur

Jack gym tonic 18

Defying frailty: How a 67-year-old is training to walk again

FD elderly depression 13

'Like a knife poking my heart': Loss, loneliness and the killing pain of elderly depression

DMUI petrol attendant 13

Heartache and duty: At 77, the petrol pump attendant who must keep working

(ry) ramadan migrant workers bg

Ramadan Diaries

Ramadan diaries: Migrant workers try to make a home away from home

What happens when Kadir and friends step inside a Singaporean's home for the first time. For migrant workers here, it's a ...

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(ry) bam gibbon

She gave everything up to save Malaysia's wild gibbons

A sky writer draws a smiley face in the sky at start of Los Angeles County Air Show at the General

Family Ties

The Beijing Boys' Club isn't an army camp, but there is military-style training such as drills.

‘Masculinity crisis’ in China leads parents to enrol kids in boot camp

A Beijing club has set out to save young boys from being ‘effeminate, petty, weak-minded and emotionally fragile’, and to turn ...

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(dp) OTRD generation gap green (1)

A 71-year-old and her grandchild on a green journey together, to find closeness again

(dp) OTRD full house Lims main

Starting a family of 7 in Singapore at the age of 21

super advanced baby 8

Super Children

OTRD math marvel 8

Raising an 11-year-old maths marvel who craves a challenge

Aarushi Maheshwari can work on university-level problems and is a chess champion. But with her parents not wanting her to skip ...

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(dp) OTRD wonder kid gymnast 3

‘I miss my friends': A 10-year-old Singaporean's sacrifice for her Olympic dream

super prepared baby 3

EQ 'more crucial' than IQ, as China's parents send kids to golf classes and CEO school

butterfly children teaser pix

Singapore's butterfly children

Born with 'the worst disease you never heard of', they struggle to live normal lives as they?grapple with stigma.

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A sky writer draws a smiley face in the sky at start of Los Angeles County Air Show at the General

Adopting Keyuan

ss keyuan home 1

China orphan who broke our viewers’ hearts finds a home, 4,500km away in Singapore

Eight-year-old Keyuan is spending his first Chinese New Year in Singapore with his new parents - who fell in love with him ...

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home recipes bak chang 1

Food Heroes

Mdm Milah's Saba Banana Kueh: A Bugis recipe

"If it's not sweet, the Bugis tastebuds will not like it." Mdm Milah may be Javanese, but she has mastered the Saba Banana ...

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OTRD samys curry 8

She wants to change up Samy’s Curry, but dad’s not ready to let go

(dn) OTRD Rumah makan minang main pix

Two brothers want the best for Rumah Makan Minang, but just can’t agree

(ry) vanishing recipes collage 1

Vanishing Home Recipes: Regional edition

We source the secrets of homecooks who are preserving dying?or forgotten ways of preparing old-time recipes.

rasid light teaser insider

InspirAsian: The Series

They are the individuals who bring light to others' lives - nominated by CNA Insider viewers in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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(ry) siglap flowers gradient

Overcoming Limits

Signs of a rising star: When deafness is no limit

As a child, Alan loved role-playing but was told he could never be an actor - because he was deaf. Some 30 years later, he's ...

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dp jimmy marathon 15

The 54-year-old who ran a marathon four years after a quadruple bypass


Once a gang member, now he's giving his all to become a nurse

rt Foxin 7

The boy that once nobody wanted: An orphan finds his true family

drummer maid 8

The drummer who became a maid to chase her musical dreams

CICU teaser insider

When your child teeters between life and death, these folks stand and hold the line... inside the children's ICU.

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xingyu cancer teaser insider

Another year, another victory

When the doctors say your child has months to live - this is how far can love, hope?and a fierce devotion take you.

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bts bill teaser pix

A boy, an 83-year-old loner, and the unlikely friendship that changed them

What a 10-week social experiment in inter-generational relationships reveals.

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dialect granddad teaser insider

Why young Singaporeans are picking up dialects

More are going for classes in Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese - in part to bridge the generation gap.

(ry) elderly poor main bg

Special Report

A CNA Insider series exploring the issues of elderly poverty in Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore and Myanmar.

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homeless ben homepage teaser pix

A face of homelessness today

At 35, he sleeps in food outlets, washes up at public toilets - and has been trying to work and study his way out of destitution.

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sayfullahs voice teaser pix Insider

Finding Sayfullah's Voice

"You could see from his body language he wanted to tell you a lot of things." The story of a boy, his iPad and a mother's love.

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Malaysians foil hijacking
Media playtime

Malaysians foil hijacking

The police continue to enter the fray to stop the bloodshed caused by Bangkok's deadly school gangs.

In a shopping haven in Bangkok, one of Thailand’s deadliest school rivalries

Mad For mala
Media playtime

Mad For mala

School rivalry turns deadly
Media playtime

School rivalry turns deadly

Mr Ng Kok Choong often said the world was his oyster.

‘Willing to sacrifice himself’: The last adventures of a quake hero, ex-commando, paraglider

(am) dignity for the disabled thumbnail
Media playtime

Dignity for the disabled

Mr Koh Seng Choon of Dignity Kitchen makes it his business to help people with disabilities

Money lost, a life claimed by suicide, but Dignity Kitchen’s founder never gave up

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